Our service offer: optimising the value chain

The key to the successful selling of your products, thanks to a wide range of customised services.

- Local implementation of Principal marketing strategy

- Support development of Trade marketing tools, adapted to local customers

Account Management
- Develop & manage (key) account negotiations at different levels
- Support Principals in international key account management

Field Management
- Actions at store level adapted to Trade organisations and Principal requirements

Customer Service
- Direct customers link, merging “sales attitude”, efficiency and automation in order process, integrating quality control
- Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Supply Chain Management
- Optimisation of logistics towards customers (inbound and outbound)


Product training

- Training of Sales & Marketing people in order to acquire indepth knowledge of products & categories

- Monitoring the service level to its customers via Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Contract Management
- Contracts for retail, principals & external partners

Reporting and Communication
- Tools adapted to Business and Principal requirements

- Performant ERP system, combined with powerful management information system

Network links
- International integrated network, linked with most important customers and service suppliers

- Operational support for accounting, invoicing, credit control, taxes,...