The Pietercil competitive edge

To face the strong competitive environment Pietercil is constantly looking to raise its competitiveness: i.e. costs management. All these elements result into an organisation based on:

  • An integrated commercial network (same professional level in all countries)
  • Integrated systems and processes (Finance/Logistics/MIS/Legal/Commercial)
  • Flexibility to fulfill tailor-made principal's needs at low operating costs
  • Local and international synergies resulting in best value for money
  • Qualitative back office based on actual technology

System & reporting

Up to date technology and processes results in capability of managing complexity in an efficient and cost effective way.

  • Integrated financial system in all countries with capability of handling principal’s own bookkeeping.
  • Integrated logistic system with links to external service providers
  • Integrated management and field information system delivering standard reporting or reporting based on specific principal needs

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