Beliès is a production company within the Pietercil group engaged in the production and packaging of Mediterranean products.

Our product range consists of: 

  • Olives in all varieties and mixes

  • Tapenades

  • Pestos

  • Sun-dried tomatoes

  • Sweet peppers

It is Beliès’s ambition to adopt a leading position in the market. To realise this ambition, we apply the following fundamental principles:



Reliability with regard to deliveries: External reliability with regard to client deliveries
  Internal reliability with regard to deliveries between departments
Total quality: Quality control via chain management
  Product quality
  Organizational quality
Process management: Processes defined by development department
  Hi-tech, modern production lines

Application of LEAN manufacturing principles

  In-line process controls by trained operators
  Monitoring by quality control
Innovation: Product innovation
  Process innovation
  Participative management (entrepreneurial skills are stimulated in every employee)



After just one year of operations, Beliès has passed the BRC certification with flying colours.

The production process Beliès 2006




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